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Together Forever Packages

Receive healing hands with Zen herbal therapy, drawing on local plants and herbs, to stimulate and encourages blood circulation, relief of aching joints, relaxation of muscles and melts away tension. A Traditional Vietnamese Healing. Revitalize the appearance of the skin and brighten the complexion with Renew Collagen Facial treatment, it also soften fine lines and reduce pigmentation.

- Green Bean Foot Treatment
- Coffee and Honey Body Scrub
- Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap
- Zen Herbal Steam Bath
- Zen Traditional Flower Bath
- Traditional Herbal Therapy
- Renew Collagen Facial Treatment
Break Time:
- Zen Cuisine
- Zen Gift Souvenir

4hrs30' - 4.350.000 VND

Heaven and Earth Packages

This is a very gentle body scrub with a great coconut aroma as most of us know how cooling
a sip of coconut milk can be. The scrub leaves the skin looking more recharged and vitalized.
Follow soaking yourself in Pamelo & Lemongrass to give the skin ultra-soothing due to the natural fruits acids and it also to purify and eliminated toxins to leave your body regenerated and
enlivened. Prepare the journey of body relaxation under the intuitive human touch from Zenspa
therapist. Revitalize the appearance of the skin and brighten the complexion with Zen Basic
facial. Lastly, enjoy the fine contemporary vegetarian cuisine Zenspa had created for healthy
- Young Coconut Body Scrub
- Zen Herbal Bath
– Zen Herbal Therapy
- Zen Basic Facial
Break Time:
- Zen Cuisine
- Zen Gift Souvenir

3hrs20' - 3.020.000 VND


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