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Lotus Packages (season)

Imagine lying calmly in a bed of Lotus, Mud body wrap with lotus leaves follow by soaking in a bath of lotus flowers…feel the experience of being at one with the nature. Complete with the gentle Aroma Enegry therapy and Zen basic facial cleansing.
These treatments awaken and feel your body in Peacefulness with Lotus.

- Basic Facial
- Mud Wrap with Lotus Leaves 
- Traditional Lotus Flower Bath
- Aroma Enegry Therapy
Break Time:
- Zen Cuisine
- Zen Gift Souvenir

 2hrs30' - 2.780.000 VND



Oriental Magic

ZEN own creation by using Thanh Long (Dragon Fruit) for body scrub. Follow with Pamelo & Lemongrass Bath and Herbal Steam. Relax yourself with the ZEN Herbal Therapy.
These treatments will bring you a beautiful skin texture from the scrub. Aroma Healing Therapy to resort physical and emotional balance to mind and body. Feel the Oriental Magic.

- Thanh Long Body Fruit Scrub
- ZEN creation: Pamelo & Lemongrass Bath
- Traditional Herbal Steam
- ZEN Herbal Therapy
Break Time:
- Zen Cuisine
- Zen Gift Souvenir

2hrs20' - 2.780.000 VND


Body Scrub & Wrap


Dead Sea Mud: 50' - 780.000 VND
Your body skin will be softer and detoxification after these treatment with the Herbs and Dead Sea Mud.

Honey and Coffee: 50' - 780.000 VND
This stimulating coffee scrub are Highly recommend. It leaves your skin glowing and invigorated as you want it for more…

Rice Body Scrub: 50' - 780.000 VND
Soften & moisturize your body skin after this treatment.

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