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Body Therapy


Aroma Energy Therapy:  60' - 990.000 VND; 90' - 1.380.000 VND
Apply with basic aroma essential oil for relax feeling and with ZEN traditional technique to refreshes your body and frees your mind.


Hot Stone Therapy:  60' - 990.000 VND; 90' - 1.380.000 VND

Hot stone therapy is very helpful during times of anxiety and stress. The warmth from the stone dissolve tension, melts pains, strain and muscle aches away and gently improve circulation as well as to rejuvenate and relax the body.

Traditional Herbal:   60' - 1.150.000 VND; 90' - 1.550.000 VND

Drawing on local plants and herbs, this therapy is a common practice in the past for to stimulate and encourages blood circulation, relief of aching joints, relaxation of muscles and melts away tension. A Traditional Vietnamese Healing.


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