Zen Metal

Zen Metal

This therapy treatment is taken from Vietnamese minority cultures. Main technique is by using fresh herbals and sliver coins with ginger wine. It helps to release “heat” or “wind”. Properties of ginger move stagnated energy. This therapy treatment focuses mainly to your back body.
Follow by soaking yourself into the traditional wooden bath tub with formulate herbals & flowers to balance your body and complete with a Anti-stress facial care to restores your energy and sprite through this healing properties of natural elements.
– Dong Duong Silver
– Zen Herbal Bath
– Anti-stress Facial

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– Zen Cuisine
– Zen Gift Souvenir

2hrs30′ – 2.540.000 VND


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A/C number: 1506205251868 - Agribank
A/C name: TNHH MTV Zen House
With branch: Tay Ho