The inspiration of Vietnamese ladies

ZEN spa is the inspiration of one Vietnamese lady. Motivated by the philosophy and teachings of her mother and grandmother, she has preserved the traditions of Vietnam and Vietnamese therapy introducing them to a wider audience.

Ms. Lan Huong Nguyen training in the beauty industry began in 1994 of Hong Kong Television. Then in 1997 trained with the Asia Pacific Group in the field of skincare.

In 1998 worked for American company Beauty Concept International (USA).

Became the exclusive supplier for a number of products including Sea Mystique (Israel), Lanna Cane (France) and Kose’s (Japan), to name but a few.

Zen Spa Vietnam was formed in 2003 and a year later was fully incorporated and granted a trademark.

Participated in a number of Asia Spa Wellness projects during 2005 and 2006. And attended the Spa Management course run by the Pacific Spa Academy.

2007: Member of Asia Spa Pacific Wellness

2008: Subject of a VTV film (Vietnam TV)

2009: Zen Spa Vietnam was nominated for Day Spa of the Year 2009 AsiaSpa Awards.

After many years owning and running a number of beauty salons and working for large global cosmetic firms, Huong decided to set up Zen Spa. With 17 years experience in the field of health and beauty under her belt, she decided to return to her cultural roots and use nature as the foundation of Zen Spa.

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A/C name: TNHH MTV Zen House
With branch: Tay Ho