The Best Spa In Hanoi

Zen Spa impression of space characterized by natural and recreational open space right in the heart of the city. Zen takes on a miniature northern village with a peaceful bamboo roofs, walkways littered with romantic purple flowers and spacious campus faint scent of essential oil plants, with views of Meng brought West Lake water waves.

Zen Spa uses ingredients mostly from flowers; grasses, especially cinnamon basil tea and some medicine men in various service packages include multiple threads massage for face, neck, arms, trunk, and legs separately. Or steam, Jacuzzi, deep therapeutic treatment combines reflexology, body treatments, combination packs with herbs and traditional herbs and meditation. Zen Spa special favorite of Japanese tourists.

The package of Zen Spa you must try is Lotus Package. Imagine lying calmly in a bed of Lotus, Mud body wrap with lotus leaves followed by soaking in a bath of lotus flowers… feel the experience of being at one with nature. Complete with the gentle Aroma Energy therapy and Zen basic facial cleansing. These treatments awaken and feel your body in Peacefulness with Lotus.

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A/C number: 1506205251868 - Agribank
A/C name: TNHH MTV Zen House
With branch: Tay Ho